Here are some tips for coming to a Sensory Concert, from Josey Sharpe, our occupational therapist:

  • Firstly, there are no “expectations” of behaviour! Your child is okay to move around the room if needed. The expected behaviour of “sit down, be quiet, don’t make a sound” present at your typical classical music concert is not what is expected at our Sensory Concerts.
  • We aim to provide an environment that you and your child can feel comfortable in, so your whole family can attend a classical music concert together.
  • We want your child to connect with the musicians and the music. Typically, attendance at a classical music concert is quite passive. Sensory concerts want to change this for you and your child. The musicians often get active participation in the music they present. They actively engage the concert-goers between items and encourage them to listen out for different things or they ask the audience questions – all in an aim to provide an opportunity to immerse the children in a multi-sensory music experience.
  • Please bring comfort items for your child. Familiar items may support your child to feel more calm and relaxed.
  • Feel free to use the crash mats, weighted toys, and noise cancelling headphones as you need.
  • It is a good idea to show your child the various video clips on our facebook page of the different musicians. This is a nice way to familiarise them with the concert experience.
  • Using a visual schedule is always helpful. Include information on when the sensory concert is going to happen, where it is going to happen, who the musicians are and what musical instrument they are going to hear.
  • If your child has a sensory diet it may be helpful to use some of the recommended strategies prior to the concert.

We look forward to meeting you at a Sensory Concert!