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Sensory Concerts® in Lawson, 2019:

“We loved the concert! The music was exceptional, the musicians friendly, approachable and oh-so talented, their passion for music infectious. The bite sized concert format was perfect for kids and there were no expectations that they remain silent or sit still – the large floor pillows provided encouraged them to relax, lie back and simply be themselves while enjoying beautiful music in their own unique ways. We can’t wait for the next concert!”
“I love the concerts, I enjoy going to watch symphonies and orchestras and to be able to do that with my kids and not worry about them making noise or moving, is absolutely fantastic. I love the programs, there is always pieces I haven’t heard that get added to my playlist and I love the inclusion of something modern as well. Its a great mix. I also love that Grace and her company give the audience information about their instruments. Its educational and entertaining across all age groups and the fun and banter between Paul and Kees was awesome.”

Sensory Concerts® in Cherrybrook, 2019:

“It was such a fantastic experience for all people with different disabilities. It was relaxed and welcoming.”

“Thank you! Absolutely amazing experience for children and their parents who don’t have many chances to go out and listen to some quality music.”

Warrick Tandy:

“This really is a great organisation. Sensory concerts are classical music concerts specifically aimed at providing people with Additional Needs the opportunity to hear beautiful live music in an environment that really understands their individuality. Children/individuals who have difficulty sitting are understood, accepted and even encouraged to move and dance along to the music and/or sing, vocalise & hum along if they like. There are various weighted and other sensory aids to help settle and focus individuals if required along with trained therapists for extra support. The organisers understand that sometimes individuals with Additional Needs process and experience things differently and the rigid traditional audience arrangement does not work for them. There are comfy cushions as well as chairs for people to sit on. They also understand that just because an individual is for example moving around or calling out – it doesn’t mean that they are not listening. The music program is beautiful and the musicians are respectful and take the time to explain their particular musical instrument and at the end of the concert there is an opportunity to get up close and see them in detail. All of this is provided in a comfortable relaxed setting of respect, understanding, acceptance and inclusion or all.”

Sensory Concerts® in Melbourne, 2019:

“Thank you to all involved – if it wasn’t for your passion, our children would not have the opportunity to listen to such beautiful instruments and music.”

“First time attending a sensory concert and it was amazing. Our whole family enjoyed it a lot.”

Sensory Concerts® in Glenbrook, Blue Mountains 2019:

“I would like to be on your email list for future concerts in the Sydney area. It is difficult finding suitable concerts for our son where he may be able to make his enjoyment noises without disturbing other patrons.”

“We felt very comfortable in the surroundings. Sensory team members made us feel welcome and went out of their way to assist us. Can’t believe guests were allowed to touch and play instruments afterwards.”

“I would love to do anything that I can to help support this fabulous initiative and to ensure that it continues to be available. It is an inspired concept which is satisfies an important niche that is often left unattended.”

“So wonderful to have found this for my son as he really thrives with music. Thanks so much for devoting your talents to this project.”

Sensory Concerts® in Sydney, 2018:

“It was so awesome to experience such high quality and beautiful music for kids on the spectrum. I didn’t feel judged and was able to enjoy the experience with my family without being on edge. I loved the staff there who were so kind and lovely. They didn’t seem distant or disengaged but rather they showed that they were there ready to help and care.”

Hills District Sensory Concerts® in December 2018:

Warrick Tandy:
“To be able to enjoy live classical music as a family was magical and something we thought we may never be able to do. For Ollie to be able to be himself in such an inclusive environment was wonderful. This is a beautiful concept and we look forward to attending more concerts in the future.”

Claire O’Neill:
“Thank you again for a wonderful concert. I’m already looking forward to next April for the next one!”

Teja Jaensch:
“Such a great way to experience fantastic music!”

Melbourne Sensory Concerts® in July, 2018:

Jeffrey Segal:
“Thank you for today’s lovely concert. Great repertoire, excellent musicians and a very relaxed ambiance. Please organise some more concerts in Melbourne.”

Shannon Muriel:
“Just had an amazing morning here with my autistic daughter! The musicians were top notch, the space was beautiful and light, and absolutely every part of it was designed to be accessible for autistic kids. My daughter, J, watched the first part of the concert on a crash mat with a fluffy blanket and a velvet cushion (sensory heaven for her). There was an OT there who bought J playdough when she wanted to focus but was having trouble. J watched the second part of the concert from outside the big window running and laughing in time with the music. I couldn’t be happier!”

Jo Treweek:
“Brilliant concept.”

Jess Dixon:
“Thank you so much for your concert today. It was amazing!!!”

Special Education Mum Facebook Page:
“What an amazing morning at Melbourne’s first sensory concert ♡ The music was beautiful, the staff amazingly supportive, the venue perfect and the understanding priceless. So thankful for the opportunity.”

Sensory Concerts® in the Blue Mountains, NSW:

Susan Templeman, Member of Parliament:

“I’m the daughter of a high school music teacher who also did a lot of work in the disability sector, so I strongly believe that everyone deserves access to quality classical music.

“It’s hard enough keeping young children without special needs settled during performances, so what was really impressive about the concert was to see an environment where parents were able to relax and their children were able to respond to the music in their own way.

“It was an inclusive environment, with beautiful violin, cello and piano performances. I would certainly love to see more of this happen in the Mountains.”

Dr. Tony Attwood, a leading expert in Aspergers Syndrome:

“Your Sensory Concert project is an excellent idea and may be extraordinarily well received by those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Certainly, I would like to endorse your project as I think it is based on sound clinical experience and new research in this area, in terms of sensory sensitivity and sensory overload.”

Erin McCoy, audience member:

“Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for organising this for our special kids and sharing your considerable talents! The calibre if the performance was well noted thank you. The sensory seating was also wonderful for our kids.”

Gabrielle Parish, audience member:

“Thank you for putting on such an enjoyable concert for not only the little ones, but the adults as well. It was fantastic having the crash mats all around, and a relaxing non-judgemental atmosphere where our kids could just be themselves and enjoy it in their own way. I also absolutely enjoyed it myself, was just magical to listen to. Will definitely be there for the next one.”

Feedback from other audience members:

“I am so grateful for this experience. I normally wouldn’t take my kids to a classical concert for the fear of them being disruptive. But the music was so beautiful that they were amazing and transfixed by the music. It was absolutely beautiful, thank you.”

“My 6 year old daughter just said can we come here every weekend.”

“Loved the cushions on the floor, I thought my boy would lie on them but he was so transfixed by the music that he sat quietly for the most of the time on the chair.”

“Fantastic, lovely, light and airy, loved the quiet room at the back.”


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