We offer a range of classical concerts for children and adults with special needs:

Sensory Concerts

Designed for children and adults with sensory and/or special needs, such as Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), sensory processing disorder, and physical and intellectual disabilities.

Concerts are performed in a relaxed setting, with various seating options, retreat space, and onsite experienced therapist support. The venue is modified to minimise sensory stimulus such as noise, light, crowds, and lighting.

Music is programed to be appropriately family friendly, with pieces known to be attractive to people on the Autism spectrum, such as spinning motives, pulsating rhythm, repetitive patterns, and predictable form such as sonata form.


Aged Care Concerts

Minimising the complex operation of transporting your clients to and from venues, we bring the concerts to you.

With special focus on those living with dementia, we program music that may evoke nostalgia, trigger emotional and situational memory and provide comfort and respite for both residents and carers.


Hospital Concerts

Providing therapeutic benefits of live classical music and a relief from the daily hospital routine, which can become monotonous and uninspiring.

Classical music provides a general sense of well-being and an uplifting mood in a hospital environment which can be impersonal, isolating and sterile.

Individuals are able to feel like valuable audience members rather than patients.


Home Concerts

Catering for those who cannot travel to a public space, or who would like to host a more intimate experience with just close friends and family.

The musical program will be tailored to your needs or preferences.


School Concerts:

Programmed by experienced pedagogues, school concerts are educational, fun and interactive! 


To find out more about our programs or rates, or to book a specially programmed concert, please contact us.

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